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Being a content writer may sound easy but that is not necessarily the case. Writing engaging content that makes readers interested in what you have to say and want to come back and visit your website frequently can at times be challenging. However, when you get it right it is rewarding from the achievement of putting together a great piece of copy and secondly it can be rewarding financially. Here at 5 Star Bingo I try to make sure that I write articles in the same way as I would chat to you about the topic in question. This makes everything feel more natural and engaging and is why I am seeing more and more visitors to my site.

Following the success of 5 Star Bingo I am expanding with two new projects. The first will be purely content related to online casino’s including online casino reviews, online casino bonuses, online casino promotions and news articles to name just a few topics. The second project will be content that is related to online slot providers and in a similar fashion will provide online slot reviews, details of free spins promotions and free online slot bonuses etc. Both these new websites are currently being developed. I am therefore looking for a content writer for each project with what I think is a very unique proposal and one that in the long run could reap rewards if you are interested.

“becomes more of an additional passive income to boost any income you already earn”

Managing a project like either of these and of course the 5 Star Bingo website relies on commitment to the cause, with new and fresh content being added daily. These projects/websites are most certainly no get quick rich schemes but are the foundations for a better reward in the long run, one that becomes more of an additional passive income to boost any income you already earn. Now many content writers will charge a flat fee per article depending on the number of words required. This is not the proposal here, as I want to be more unique than that.

You need to be aware that building a site from scratch into a profit generating website takes time and the rewards will not be instantly available. They could take 6 months to start coming in or even longer. There are no guarantees. The site has to be built and that includes a certain level of content added prior to officially going ‘live’. Therefore a lot of work has to be put in first. Then we need to get the site to rank well in Google once we have affiliated with our chosen brands. The better the site ranks the more traffic we will generate and potentially the more profit we could earn.

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If you would like to take a chance on an exciting project such as either of these new websites, that will cost you nothing apart from your time and commitment, then I would like to hear from you. I myself will be managing the build of the site, the creation of the pages with the content you write and I will then also manage the marketing. You will have FULL access to all reports and accounts so that everything is as transparent as can be. Now to the good bit…..

So How Would You Like a 40% Share of ALL Profits?

Yes, that is exactly what I am offering. You must be UK based and preferably local to Ingleby Barwick, Stockton on Tees, (although not essential) as this project can be managed from anywhere in the UK. The role would include writing reviews, promotional articles etc with word counts up to 1,200 per article. (Some will be around 600 words). Up to two hours per day (estimated) to produce an article a day is required. You must be good with computers and have good writing skills. The only requirement is your time to do this. In return you will receive 40% of the profits generated by the site you are associated with. Apart from myself, you will be the only other content writer for that site. As long as you are producing quality content at the rate of 1 article per day, you will receive the 40% share.*

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If all of this has you interested, then please use the contact form below and get in touch with me today. Please detail information about your level of skill at writing articles or why you think you would be a good candidate for one of these two positions. To answer a potential question that you may ask – there are only so many hours in the day and I have several websites that I manage and this is why I am offering such a large share of the profits.

So….are you in? I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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*40% profit share is based on an article produced for every day of the month. Fewer articles per month will result in a lower % share of profits

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